Learn About Go The Distance Ministries

Go the Distance is a discipleship ministry helping men and fathers find the life of the heart that God offers, for from the heart flows the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23). From the life of the heart flows everything, and touches all aspects of a man’s life…his wife, his sons and daughters, his work environment, his church, and his community. However, most men don’t live from their heart. That essential essence of what it means to be fully alive as a man has been lost or stolen. Their hearts have been broken, beaten, and torn by the things that have happened to him, whether by his choice or not. The God-given glory of a man’s life gets buried, and forgotten. Men need redemption, restoration, and recovery. We believe it’s time to see men restored and set free to follow our King. This happens in the following ways:

  • Men’s Retreats based on Wild at Heart and The Masculine Journey
  • Teaching fathers about initiating their sons or giving their sons a rite of passage into manhood. This is primarily done through the message of Passage to Manhood.
  • Outdoor Adventure Trips
  • One on one mentoring and discipleship

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