On My Worst Day — John Lynch

IMG_0569I got to know John Lynch back in 2003 when I first heard his message on the Two Roads and the Two Rooms at a Navigators conference.   At first, we didn’t even have a video of it for 3 years and all we had was an MP3 audio file.  My friend Jerry Lind must have made a hundred of those CD’s and passed them out to friends, like bootleg liquor during the prohibition.  The message was refreshingly simple–through Christ we have a new nature…our hearts are no longer desperately wicked, but now a place where Christ dwells and lives and moves.  John talked about a “Room of Grace” versus living in the “Room of Good Intentions” in which everyone wears a mask because they believe they have to perform (get it right) for acceptance.  That’s where I lived most of my life.  I didn’t know there was another room!  But in the room of grace, there are no masks.  Only real people living out the original good news–that ON MY WORST DAY, I am CHRIST IN ME, the hope of GLORY, with a robe of righteousness around me–


John’s life has touched me most profoundly, and back in June of 2012, he and I got the chance to meet and connect here in West Michigan through a gathering at Kentwood Community Church.  Since then, we’ve become friends.  He calls me to see how I’m doing.  He sees the good in me.  He woos out my new nature and knows that I have something to say to help people think better of themselves then they usually think of themselves.

And he has recently come out with his book, On My Worst Day:  Cheesecake, Evil, Sandy Koufax, and Jesus.

At this point in my life, I can’t recommend a book higher than On My Worst Day.  John chronicles his life with God since he was very young–all the memories of a ragamuffin who has been in the hands of a loving and amazing artist and Father.   You will laugh, and you will cry, and you will hear your own story through his.  This will lead you to a deeper love from the one who made you in his image and a deeper love for the one who made you in his image.

Check it out when you can.  It’s soooo good.

Thanks for letting me recommend it to you and/or your friends.  If you get it, and you like it, please let your friends know.  Let Amazon know!

Thank you for letting me be myself, and for allowing me to wrestle with God in front of you.

So many of you have been such dear friends over these many years.  Thank you for the grace you extend to Lori and me.  Like I said a couple weeks ago, we need it and are growing through some stuff that will bear fruit in time.

We Love Living Among a Tribe of Grace with You,

Kevin (for Lori & the kids)

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