Recalibrate You



One of the things I hear from men all the time is how fast their life is going, and how easily it is to let busy-ness rule their day.  Even if they try and read their Bible and have some quiet time, it seems like it is not quite enough.  When this happens, it is very easy to get tweaked off course.  Sunday mornings don’t offer much hope either with a one-hour session of everything from praise and worship, drama, multi-media, and likely a well-timed 35 minute teaching session by one of the pastors.  For me, it’s never enough (or too much of everything), and there are times when I just need to get away, out into the woods–away from the disruptions that life brings so I can concentrate and hear from my True Father.   That’s what Recalibrate is for.  It’s a day away from the battle and the treadmill of life in order to help you get some strength of heart back.

Recalibrate is Sat Feb 16 (just two weeks from today) and we built this weekend to help you get off the frontlines of whatever battle you are currently facing so that you can get re-equipped, re-oriented, re-freshed and re-supplied for your journey.  The venue is Camp Manitou-lin in Middleville, MI (about 20 min south of Grand Rapids).  $49 for an entire day and will include teaching time, worship, film, some awesome free time activities, and two meals, plus an optional movie after dinner.  It’s a full day, but it’s a really good day.  Hope you can make it if you sense your heart needs it.  For more info and to register, click here.


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