Northern Michigan Captivating and Unveiled Retreats

Go the Distance loves to promote events that help restore the hearts of people.  Lori and I wholeheartedly endorse Chris Flynn and her team from Traverse City, Michigan and the Northern Michigan Captivating Retreat. This is held at Timber Wolf Lake Lodge in Lake City, MI on April 25-28.   For any man that has been to Hearts Alive & Free, you know how beautiful and elegant Timber Wolf Lake is.  If this is something your Beauty is interested in, click on the picture below and you will be taken to the NMCR website.









The other retreat that we highly recommend is Unveiled as many women with ties to GTD have gone and been significantly impacted.  This retreat started in 2007 and is also based on the book Captivating.  Lori has gone each year and it was here back in 2007 that Lori got a huge dose of the Father’s Love and Romance for her.  It changed her life!  Unveiled happens April 25-28, the same weekend as the retreat above.








We encourage you to walk with God and ask him which retreat you should attend, since they are both loosely based on Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.   It’s not like participants go through the book chapter by chapter during the retreat, but the book does run as “background music” and themes from it are brought to life through the stories of other women, film, quiet time with God, and restorative free time activities.

Dear women, the key is — do you need more freedom, healing and wholeness in your life?  Do you long to be known deep down by your Heavenly Father?  Are you tired of the battle that has become your life and need a time away for restoration?  If so, please consider one of the live-giving retreats above.

For the Hearts of the Kingdom,

Kevin & Lori





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