Questions to Ask God and Myself this Summer

I’m taking some time off from leading my weekly Thursday morning mens group this summer, and we have postponed our monthly Guys Movie Nights.  In addition, we’re taking the summer off from our monthly family Gatherings.  God is up to something with Lori and me…we’re just not settled on what it is.  So, we graciously bowed out of a few of our regular commitments to seek God.   We are not abandoning everything, however, as we just finished up a father/daughter event and recently hosted John Lynch from TrueFaced Ministries.  And in August, we have year two of our Father/Son Backpacking weekend on the  shores of Lake Michigan.

But it is nice to slow down a bit and reflect on what I believe.  Lori is doing the same thing.   The funny thing is that I thought I had answers to these questions.  I believe these answers are still in my heart somewhere.   That’s the adventure laid before me this summer.  What’s yours?

I made this list a couple weeks ago and thought I would share it with you…perhaps it might help spur you on to find your own perspective.

Does leading adventure trips make me come alive?  Does it help the men come alive?

What IS the Heart?  Mind?   Soul?  Spirit?

What do I want a weekly fellowship group to look like, act like, feel like?

When should it meet?  Morning, evening?

Where should it meet?   House, barn, workshop, church?

Should I be leading one at all?

Should someone else take over coordinating GTD’s events?

What is my role with other mens ministries in the area?

What is their role with me?

What types of things do I need to say “no” to?

Some other “to-do’s” for the summer:
Read through The Cure (TrueFaced) with Lori

Read The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone

Listen to CD’s on Freedom from Christian Prison by John Smelzer

Seek out inner-healing prayer

Go see Live Jazz (or Blues) once a month

I’ll report back at the end of my summer Sabbath.  God’s peace, love and rest to your heart, mind, spirit and soul.


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