Jesus was a Noodler

There is a strange sport in parts of the south and Midwest called Noodling.  Ever heard of it??  This is where a man, or a group of men, wade into a slow moving river, poking and prodding the holes where flathead catfish are spawning.  They then dive down and reach into the underwater lairs, hoping that a monster “cat” will take the proffered bait—the noodler’s hand.

One guy mentioned that it was almost addicting…he said, “When you stick your hand into that hole, and that fish grabs on, it’s the biggest rush of your life!”

In between thinking about this, and laughing my head off at these crazy guys (women are now joining in too), the thought occurred to me that Jesus was a noodler.  He came down from heaven looking for us.  He poked and prodded around until he felt something that resembled something that needed to be pulled out of the hole that we have created for ourselves.  He knew he had something that we couldn’t resist, even though we didn’t think we really needed it.  But, we bit anyway and he pulled us up out of the mire.

If Jesus has done this for you, part of what we’re called to be is a disciple, which means we want to be like him.  In a wild way, we are being called to pull someone else out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves.  Maybe it’s another friend?  Maybe it’s your child?  Maybe it’s your wife?  Your dad?  Part of being a good noodler is watching someone else do it so you can take the plunge yourself at some point.  Who knows, someone you never thought might just chomp down on your hand and want to go where you’re going.

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