Renew Your Tank

A guest post by my good friend and ally Matt Davidson:

Lev 26:10 You will still be eating stored produce from the previous year 16 and will have to clean out what is stored from the previous year to make room for new. 17

Last year my friend Bill & I were in the 2nd year of restoring an old ’82 Honda motorcycle.  We’d manually scrubbed a bunch of rust off of the chrome & rims, took it in to get the carb & fuel system cleaned & repaired (then did it again myself later), replaced all of the fluids, tubes, plugs, etc.

The bike looked great, but when I’d get it going down the road & gave it some throttle, it would still sputter & chug along.  It would eventually get going to speed, but the real potential of the bike was not able to be put to it’s designed use.

After inspection, we found there to be a bunch of rust in the gas tank.  It would let a bit of fuel out, enough to idle & run a bit, but when opened up for more speed, the chunks of rust would block the exit, and also some would occasionally slip out  to clog the new lines & freshly cleaned carb & filter.

I took the tank off several times to dump it out, clean the debris out, but could never get it to completely clear out.  It was frustrating.

I found a company that we finally sent the tank into that sandblasted the paint off of the outside, as they had to drill into the tank in 2 different spaces, then blast the innards of the tank.  After this process, they applied a coat/a new liner on the inside of the tank, then patched the holes & returned it.    It didn’t look anything like the tank that I’d sent in, it looked like scrap metal.

What I didn’t realize is that even though the patches looked rough, it was perfectly sanded smooth for a new coat.  We took it in to get painted, and when we got it back, it was stunning.  I couldn’t wait to get it back onto the bike.

As we did so, the bike fired right up, and heading down the road I could immediately tell the difference.  It rode like a brand new bike.

So what does this have to do with us?

Who, like me, has ever been running through life like the bike before the tank was fixed?  Ever felt like you’re putting every ounce of effort to blast forward, but either didn’t have the energy or strength to follow through?  Everything looking good on the outside, but your wellspring of fuel is tainted/clogged?

I’m not talking about a physical condition.   What is in your spiritual heart that needs to be blasted out?

You were made in God’s image.  Do you think that He built you to “chug”?

The process/name of the company was actually called “Renu”.

I know of someone that came for us that wants to do this to your heart.  Will you invite Him in?

I challenge you to, and then feel the fuel of the Holy Spirit run through you.   He’ll show you how strong & fast he actually made your spirit to be.

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