Metallica Frontman James Hetfield talks about growing up fatherless

Fatherlessness has been cited as the number one social issue in America by such notable organizations such as the National Center for Fathers ( and the National Fatherhood Initiative.   The reason is because it affects both boys and girls in foundational ways emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  And it goes to say that just because a father is in the house while a child grows, it can still mean that the child did not get what they desperately needed to hear and feel.  An absent father can be physically around, but checked out or too busy to really be engaged.

The words, “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” and “I like you,” have enormous healthy weight to them for young and developing hearts.  The absence of these words can haunt that young heart and keep it stunted even after 50, 60, 70 years of aging.

We do not live any longer in a “Father-culture” in America primarily due to dads not working at or near home like they did prior to the industrial revolution.  However, awareness of absent fathers is gaining momentum, and with that awareness, I believe the children are going to be the biggest beneficiary.  Current Fathers who grew up without fathers are finding healing from their wounds and in that health and growth they are investing and being intentional with their own sons and daughters like never before.

I am really proud of James Hetfield from Metallica for giving time to his own healing.  It’s having such a good impact on his wife and kids and his entire life.  I was blown away by this recent video from FoxNews.

Check this interview out with FoxNews.

And also, here is the trailer for the new documentary Absent they reference.

Couple this with the new movie Courageous coming out this fall from Sherwood Pictures, and there is very likely going to be a renaissance and awakening of intentional fathers all across our land.  For those interested dads in initiating and blessing their sons into manhood, I have written Passage to Manhood:  A Father’s Guidebook to Initiating His Son.

No matter what your kids age, it is never too late to tell them that you love them, that you like them, that they are beautiful on the inside, and that they have what it takes.

Go the Distance, James…and all of us wanting to go after the hearts of our kids.

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