Seabiscuit Movie Review

“You don’t throw a whole life away just because it’s banged up a little.” Movie poster for Seabiscuit

Last night 40 men and sons gathered for our monthly Guys Movie Night to watch Seabiscuit (PG-13, 2003)Seabiscuit is the true story of three broken men who come together around a broken horse during the Great Depression and inspire the nation.  Over 40 million people listened to the call as War Admiral and Seabiscuit raced in a single, head to head race (a “Match Race”).  It was one of the most endearing moments for a nation which needed some hope. It gave our country something to cheer about.  When times are tough, rooting for the underdog and seeing the underdog win can give hope and vision like nothing else.

Our discussions that follow the movie are always my favorite part.  When asked what some of the themes that hit home for the men, several talked about perseverance, keeping hope alive, staying true to yourself, needing others to believe in ourselves when our belief is waning, among others.  But my favorite was from 9 year-old Colt (Colton).  He said, “Red trusted the horse like we need to trust God.”  What an amazing statement from a young man with an appropriate name for the night.

You are right, Colt.  Let’s trust God like Red Pollard trusted Seabiscuit.  Red trusted the ‘Biscuit’s heart more than his feet.  And if God made a horse with a heart like that, how much more does he care for us and our hearts?

After watching Seabiscuit, my heart is awakened further still to the importance of my heart and what a fully alive heart does for those around me.  My heart is awakened to believe in myself and the heart that God has regenerated through Christ.

Have you seen Seabiscuit?  If you haven’t, take some time to view it, or view it again.  Consider the attached questions from Neal Armstrong as you do.  Seabiscuit Questions and Themes


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