Open Range Movie Review

No Place to Run.  No Reason to Hide.

Movie poster for Open Range with Kevin CostnerThis phrase is at the top of the movie poster for Open Range.

Guys, this is us…In Christ.   There is no place to run…and no reason to hide.  In Christ we can be free of all of our righteous, religious posing.  We actually are more free than any of us realize.  (Gal 5:1)

Last night a group of about 30 men gathered to watch Open Range.  These guys had options to do other things, but they chose to enter in and watch Open Range after having watched the Super Bowl just the night before.  My prayer for them is that they came away from last night Strengthened in their inner spirit to not take the oppression that they find themselves living with.  That they will  stand up to spiritual injustice when they see it in and around their loved ones.  That they will see that this battle we face is not physical, and we’re in a war, but not of this world.

“Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”   1Peter 5:8

Christian brothers, Peter is writing this to Believers…as a warning to keep your eyes open.  This is not a call to be nervous and look for satan under every rock, but it is a call to be able to see/discern what is happening spiritually around you and in you.  Not only you, but your wife, your sons and your daughters and your friends.

Charlie and Boss had a strategy to take on the enemy…do you remember what that was initially?  It was to go straight at the enemy and start picking them off, starting with the strongest and most deadly first.  Now, we know this movie is all scripted and no one really got killed…but think of this mythically, spiritually.  Something to remember is that “Fictional Reality (movies) illuminates True Reality (our story).”  Think of Open Range as a metaphor for our spiritual lives.  Are there areas of your life that have been stolen, given over, surrendered?  Areas of inner strength and passion that have left the building?   “You can do something about it.”

Sometimes, “doing something about it” is easier said than done.  It requires another person to know your story and see what is going on with your world.  As men, we all want to be known, to be seen, and to have an impact in our world.  Our flesh (our poser) gets in the way of that and having the eyes of other men who share the same issues as you can help unlock the door to more and truer freedom in your life.  A life full of freedom, strength, redemption, and a chance to step into your calling and purpose for noble gain.

Also, I invite you  to take a deeper look at the questions that Neal put together.  Take some time with them.  These questions can be very healing and freeing.  It’s not about filling your head with more knowledge.  It’s about what’s going on in your heart.  Treat these as a treasure hunt…and the treasure is elusive, but good…the treasure is the heart of God and your own heart.

OPEN RANGE film questions for reflection

I am renewed once again by the truth of the Larger Gospel that these films convey.  I am captured up into a life of more passion, purpose, freedom and life.  It calls me to remember that there is no place to run, and that I have no reason to hide.  I am made in the image of God to share life with him, walking with him as his intimate ally and loving others and fighting for their hearts.

Freedom and Life,



Postscript:  The Grand Rapids Press did an article on Go the Distance Guys Movie Night, and visited on the night we showed Open Range.

See article Here.

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