Go the Distance…Five Years and Counting

This week causes me to remember many things.  It was five years ago this week that I was getting ready to leave the corporate setting at Zondervan and venture with God out into the unknown, partnering with him to help rescue and release the hearts of men and fathers.

Through these five years, God has taught me much about leaning into him through many frustrating days of not knowing why anyone would want to support a ministry like this.  It has not been easy.  From a worldly perspective it did not make sense–nor does it still.  (You have to understand that I used to be more of a type-A personality, needing to be on top of everything and in control of everything as well my surroundings.  That way of living has been blasted to smithereens).  Lori and I had many conversations about financial stability and she ended up working for BeautiControl for about 4 years to help out while I built up monthly and one-time donors.  She stayed with BC until it started to drag her down and she lost passion.  She sensed God speaking to her to focus more on fighting for the hearts of women instead of working, in addition to spending more time with the kids.  Of course, this again didn’t make sense from a worldly point of view, but in faith we agreed and she stepped into following God’s voice.

It was about this time that God was revealing more of his plan for us and GTD.  Because of Lori’s heart for the restoration of women’s hearts, and my passion for restoring the hearts of men, we were able to start ministering together, and Go the Distance is now growing to meet not only the needs of men, husbands, and fathers, but also to women, wives, and mothers.

I really love serving with Lori, especially in this message of the good heart…the heart that has been given fully over to Jesus.  The heart that has been ransomed by Him.  It really is amazing what we have seen in the lives of people as we come alongside them to deepen their walk with the Father.  It has been a privelege and an honor to help others hear the voice of God for the first time and to invite others to find their calling for his Kingdom.  One of the things I love most is seeing men come alive to God, and experience freedom of heart.  I love to see men share openly and honestly with God and each other.  There isn’t enough of that in our world.  I love to see a man’s strength and dignity restored.  Lori loves to see a woman’s inner beauty be restored.

God has seen fit to bring people to us and for us to go to others who are needing healing and wholeness restored in their lives.

Even as I read this, I am thinking “you’re making this sound too romantic!  C’mon Miles!”  Like I said earlier, it is not all glamorous and we still need struggle financially (more than any other area).  I try not to romanticize what I do but there is a large-ness to what we do that is beyond us.  I also try not to make things sound better than they really are and so I hope that I am offering humble observations and encouragement to you all who have been praying for us these past 5 years.

I have learned that what I do and offer is pretty unique.  It is like we are a missionary family advancing the kingdom by making deeper disciples right here in our own home state and church.  GTD is not under the umbrella of a local church, although we do come alongside my church (Cornerstone) to offer opportunities for men and women to experience God in deeper ways.  GTD is much more about helping people learn how to live life from their heart than it is just a service ministry, although we do serve as well.  Teaching people about the Good Heart (because of Christ) and Freedom in Christ takes time…a lot more time than any of us realized in the beginning.  There is something wonderful when you can help a man or woman hang in there and not give up.  Something wonderful happens when you give people courage to go the distance, and they own that for themselves.  It gives hope and a renewed confidence in God and themselves.  But that life is opposed and so we do a lot to help people remember and recall what is true about their lives with God, breaking agreements with the enemy of their souls.

Everything Lori and I do is to this end.  Helping others recover their heart, helping people see the bigger story God is telling about their lives, and teaching them how to live, walking with God, hearing his voice, and following the God given desires on their hearts.

It has been an incredible five years.  God has shown up so many times!!  Ministry is growing and thriving.  We don’t have a huge mailing list like many ministries do.  (It’s about 125 email addresses, 200 snail mail).  We have grown financially by having other people see what we do and experience it for themselves.  We don’t get the attention of foundations because our work is so targeted to Believers, and so the bulk of support comes from individuals.

So now we’re peering into the window of the next five years.  What will it hold?   I would love to be supported full time as that would take much untold pressure off the ministry and our marriage.  And it would likely free us both up to serve more people and free more hearts.  But the more I try to figure it out and control it, the smaller the picture becomes.  The more loosely I hold it, the bigger the view.  God is authoring this thing, not me.  How do you administrate this kind of a ministry?  It can be a challenge, moving with the Holy Spirit, but we listen to God’s voice and move accordingly.  We set out in the direction he wants us to go and stay the course until he says differently.  This keeps us from getting locked into programs and keeps us trusting God all the time and showing by example what that looks like.  However, it can be frustrating to some new people looking upon what we are doing because we’ve been pretty fluid in the past.

Thank you for allowing me the space on these pages to express my heart to you and what God is doing through GTD and through us.

Please keep us in your prayers.  We are still in need of at least $1000 more per month to meet our living expenses ($2,000/mth would be better).  If you value what we do, and can pledge your support, please visit our support page.   www.go-distance.org/support-gtd. Please consider increasing your monthly support or support us on a monthly basis for the first time.  Like I’ve said before, $5 – $500 per month…the amount doesn’t matter as much as the partnership.  You are a valued ally in this ministry!

Thanks for your prayers.  We have leaned into them OFTEN over these early years of ministry.  They have bolstered us up.  I have learned trust in whole new ways to provide for not only our physical needs, but our emotional needs as well.   May you all be blessed as we continue this journey together.  Thanks for being on it with us!   For the Kingdom,

Kevin and Lori Miles

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