Confessions of a New Homeschool Dad

With a new year begins a new journey for me and my family. My wife Lori has begun homeschooling both of our kids. I am going to try and post a few thoughts on my involvement and my reactions to being a new homeschool dad.

Neither Lori nor myself were homeschooled, but we have been convicted to HS our kids for a couple of years now. Just now finally took the step of faith to do it. We really enjoyed the Charter school the kids were at, but there is nothing like having one-to-one interaction with your child.

So far, it’s been challenging…but good. We are three whole days into this new adventure, and Lori and the kids are trying to establish a rhythm. I am involved on the spiritual side of things right now while she teaches all the other academic material.

I started out on Monday talking about the Larger Story that God is telling. For those of you who are interested, I’m basically taking material from John Eldredge’s book, Epic. Each morning, I’ve been going through a different “Act”. So far, the kids are getting it. This morning I took out a white board and started drawing stuff to describe what I was talking about. They loved that but thought my angels looked kind of funny.

On the more practical side of things, Lori has removed her ability to make any extra income for the family, and I’m in full time ministry making a part time salary. This is requiring me to look for other income producing opportunities to take care of the family.

Anyway, my confession this time is that I’m confident homeschooling is a good and right thing, but I know it’s not for every family. Sometimes kids learn better from others and not their own family. Both Hannah (8) and Turner (6) have shown signs that they want to be homeschooled, but the test is going to see if we all can go the distance with it.

Are there other homeschool dads out there reading this?

What’s it been like for you?

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