Live Your Calling and Purpose–It’s Your Call by Gary Barkalow

Do you know what your “Calling” is?

What is your purpose that you have been created for?   

Do you have clarity on it?

Are you living your calling?

Do you  have a glory all your own?  What is it?

I have been working with men for almost 10 years now and one statement I hear repeatedly again and again is, “I just want to know what God’s purpose for me is.”   On the tails of this I often hear, “I think I know what God wants me to do, but I haven’t been given the opportunity to do it yet.”

You can hear a “longing” and a “haunting” in their voice…every time.

I know because this was me.  For many years I was caught up in a merry-go-round of fleeting passion toward one thing or another.  I would be whisked away with little hints of what was written on my heart.  Pulled for a season toward something to “do.”  But, so often my purpose seemed to elude me.  It was like I was chasing after the wind, as Solomon would say.

As I’ve discovered some things about myself, those little hints were more than fleeting thoughts.  Instead of disregarding them as wishful thinking or downplay them as temporary daydreams, I started to dig deeper to find our the source of these desires.  Things began to connect for me about seven years ago when I heard Gary Barkalow give a talk at a men’s retreat in Colorado.  Everything that I had been collecting for what seemed an eternity started to click for me.  It was like all of these dots that I had picked up on my journey from my youth until 2003 suddenly started to make sense.  I knew that those “hints” had to come from somewhere.  Something deep inside me that has always been true about me started to emerge to the point where I could see it right in front of me.  It was like I was given clarity on who I was and what I was made for, and for the first time in my life, I was ok with it.

I remember looking back over my notes from that conference and noticed that instead of staying in that moment, I started plotting out “how I could make this happen.”  I laugh at it now, thinking–“what a typical response from a man.”  I saw my own God-given glory right in front of me and I immediately went to striving and worrying about how to use it in the best way possible.  If I would have tried to seize the opportunity then and there, I am sure I would have “fought bravely, but died quickly” as Zorro said to Alejandro in The Mask of Zorro. Only now am I beginning to see that my calling has been true about me my whole life.

I waited for the day Gary Barkalow would put out his book on Calling.

I wanted everyone I knew to get grasp his teaching, if only through the written word, so they too, could find their own God-given glory and purpose.  Not only to find it, but Live it out.

That time has come.  Gary Barkalow has written what I believe is one of the most intelligent books on a person’s calling and purpose.  The name of it is It’s Your Call:  What Are You Doing Here? In it he shares his own story of coming into his own calling and purpose and walking it out.  He draws not only on personal experience but on the wisdom of sages before him.  My wife Lori read the book and has been so encouraged that she is starting to believe (really believe), that she has a purpose and a calling to live out.

I love what Gary says on page 85,

“You see, your calling or glory is in you.  It’s not something you go get, like a degree, position, or title.  It’s already written in your life, though it must be developed.  Your glory compels you to do something in every situation, a compulsion that you can choose to go with, hold back from, or ignore.  It is what your heart almost always sees, knows, notices, wants to do, or is burdened by.  Your glory is written on your heart, and you must go there to discover and understand it.”

The little “hints” were my desires written on my heart.  I thought my “calling” was to a position or a role.  But as Gary says, our calling or glory cannot be contained by a job, because that would give someone else the power over your calling.  What if you get fired?  What if you decide to quit?  Why do some 1500 pastors leave the ministry each month, many who have been “called” into ministry?

So many people live in quiet frustration of not being able to live their calling and purpose.   But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Things can be different.  And I for one have been changed by Gary’s message, which is really God’s message.  Phil 2:13 says, “It is God who is producing in you both the desire and the ability to do what pleases him.”  You don’t have to wait for the perfect position to fulfill your calling or purpose.  Your calling or purpose is who you are…your character, your nature and your meaning.

My calling and purpose is to bring hope, freedom and a sense of perseverance to the world around me.  Once I figured this out, it freed me up big time to stop looking for a job to fulfill my desires.  I can bring who I am to whatever situation I am in.  I can live my calling each and everyday.  It was an amazing revelation then and still is today.  I am still learning to walk this out and am continuing to find more in this vein of gold.  I get to walk this out with Go the Distance Ministries and Heart & Life Publishers.

So my question to you is, what is your purpose and calling?  If you have settled that it is a job, task, role, or position, I have good news for you.  There is more freedom and joy available to you.

I am glad Gary decided to go the distance, hang in there, and get his book published.    I am glad that you can find his book at Amazon and through Christian retailers throughout the U.S.  I am glad that Gary is doing Calling retreats so more people can find and live their calling.  Even more than all these things, I am glad to call Gary a friend and mentor to me.  I am a better man because of Gary Barkalow.   

You can find more information through Gary’s ministry, The Noble Heart.

So what’s your story?

What’s your Calling?

What’s your great purpose?

What is written on your heart in the form of your desires?

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