Boys Rites of Passage into Manhood

Initiating sons into manhood is a mystery for so many dads and father-figures.  While it remains a mystery for most men, it is not a myth.  And there is a way to initiate our sons into true, healthy and authentic manhood.  It is becoming less and less of a rarity.  Even though most men in Western society have never been initiated themselves by a community of men around them, there is a movement afoot blessings sons (and daughters).  It is happening and it is good.

Verne Harnish, aka “The Growth Guy,” is a very influential fast growth business guru who lives in Washington D.C.  He says, “the most important thing I’ve ever done as a father is to give my son a rite of passage into manhood.”  Check out his blog on the topic here and be encouraged.

Since most men didn’t get this kind of fathering growing up, most men do not know how to initiate their sons and bless them into manhood.  What ends up happening is that the son ends up trying to learn how to be a man from society, or from the best (or worse) role models he can find.  This, more often than not, leaves less than desirable outcomes (confusion, doubt, long lasting anger issues) and a lack of real identity as a man.  But there is a way.  It’s a good way and it is something that does not have to be difficult. It just has to be done.

I wrote a guidebook to help fathers understand why initiation has been missing from society and why the need is there to help transition his son into healthy and real manhood.  Passage to Manhood also helps the father (or anyone who has influence with boys) put together a plan for a meaningful rite of passage.

Daughters need something like this too.  I haven’t written on this subject, but an excellent book is Brian Molitor’s Girls’ Passage, Father’s Duty.

Throughout our country, men are helping guide the next generation of men into healthy masculinity.  Even though these men still remain imperfect, it is the right and good thing to do.  All any man has to have is the desire to bless his son. Let this desire fuel you and you will find the resources that will help.

Have you put together a passage for your son or daughter?


You can purchase Passage to Manhood here.

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