Podcast on the History of Go the Distance Ministries

Hi All,

I did my first podcast a couple weeks ago with Brian Caruthers.  He is starting a new blog/podcast site called A Survival Guide for Christian Men.  I met Brian last year at a conference where I was speaking on Passage to Manhood (boys rites of passage) with the Go the Distance team.

There are two podcasts available, but I’m including just one on the history of GTD and what we offer.  Feel free to check out the other interview on Brian’s blog site (listed below).

      The history of GTD and why the need for a ministry to men.

I would love your comments.  Pass this on if you think it will help men or men in ministry.  Feel free to post comments here or on Brian’s blog.    He’s brand new to the whole world of podcasting but I thought he did a very good job.   I know he would appreciate your support.

A Survival Guide for Christian Men.

Freedom and Life,


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