The Theology of a Six-year old boy

Yesterday morning I was downstairs having some alone time with God and my son got up way early before school.  He came and sat on my lap for a few minutes and we talked a bit.  Then, he took off and ran into our bedroom and jumped in the bed with his momma.   I am not sure who likes it more…Turner, because he loves the warmth of the covers and being close to his mom, or his mom, because he’s starting to get to the age where he doesn’t do that nearly as much as he used to.  Anyway, there was plenty of giggling an laughing and before you blink a sleepy from your eye they were in the kitchen making breakfast.

Out of the blue my son says, “If you work for the devil you will be his slave.”

What?  Where did that come from?  Both Lori and I started chuckling.  “How right you are, Turner!”  We are hoping that anytime he decides to disobey we can remind him of who he’d rather be working for.

The next thing that happens is my son is asking my wife to light a candle.  He then asks her to light another.  And another.  Before you know it, all the candles in the house are lit and all the lights are turned off.  At this point, big sister Hannah is in on the light show and they are feeling like something magical just happened.  We all sat in the living room, admiring the candles lit all around the house.

Turner and Hannah both say that it reminds them of Christmas.  I am thinking it’s waaaaaay to early to be thinking of Christmas.  But, I’m also enjoying the fact that my wife feels the freedom to do something totally out of the ordinary.  She did something that reached into both of our kids hearts.  To her, their hearts were more important than getting ready for school that day.  I mean, who else is lighting candles all around their house at 6:45am because the kids them to?  It was beautiful and you could see the romance in the room, and my son was eating it up. He was caught up in the moment.  It was as close to a transcendent moment as I’ve had in some time.

His next comment was, “After school let’s go get a Christmas tree!”

Ok, it’s September 21 and we have three more months to go.  We can wait on the tree.  But both Lori and I saw something in Turner that we know is there, planted by God himself, yet if we’re not looking for it, we miss it (and I’m sure we have missed it at times).  Turner bears the image of a warrior God.  He also bears the image of a romantic God.  It was so obvious to see that somewhere deep inside of him, he knows that if you work for the devil you will be his slave.  And that he doesn’t want to do that with his life.  It was obvious that he has a tenderness to him in that he notices beauty.   Not only in his mom but in the atmosphere of a candlelit living room, three months before Christmas.

Life is good.


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