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Here is a testimonial from a recent trip to Isle Royale (end of July 2010).   Next year, we are planning another trip, this time to Glacier National Park.  If you are interested in reserving a spot, let me know.

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Isle Royale 2010 – Andrew Waldron

Have you ever wondered what it was like for Adam and Eve?  Walking through the Garden of Eden, talking with God, learning from God, being with God?  I believe that I got closer to what Adam had in Eden than the vast majority of men in today’s culture can expect.  I could write and talk for DAYS about how I had to rely on God and ask The Father to reveal strength in me that I didn’t know I had.  I could write pages on the AWESOME beauty that The Father revealed to me on the trip.  How many amazingly beautiful presents he gave me, showing me that he loved me.  I could write about the bonds I formed with Men I hardly knew before the trip.  How they served me and led from their strength acting as a good king and how I learned to act from my strength to serve others.  I could write about the value of sitting at the feet of other men and who were teaching me truths about life that they have already learned.   I could write pages about any number of these things; but all of these things, as valuable as they are, you could learn from reading some good books (like Fathered By God by John Eldredge).  I’m choosing to write to you about how this trip truly changed my life.

Of all the amazing things I found on Isle Royale, the most amazing was healing.  As a broken man, I’ve carried certain wounds with me for several years.  Chief among those wounds was the pain from a previous failed relationship, and the betrayal from a close friend with the same girl from that failed relationship.  For years I never forgave them for the betrayal that cost me the two people who were closest to me.  While I was being led around Isle Royale, I learned to appreciate, rely on and converse with God the Father.  Many things went through my mind while hiking, however when we discussed healing and forgiveness, the Father put this old wound on my heart.

On the last day, we stopped to build an altar out of Rock.  We carried a rock as large as we could carry up a granite ridge approximately 75 feet high.  Each man walked around and picked up a rock and carried it most of the way up the ledge. The weight I carried up that harsh incline was heavy.  Purposely I had chosen a rock I had a hard time lifting because of its weight, knowing that the pain I felt carrying it was symbolic to the years I had been carrying this old wound.  How much had this old wound weighed me down in the past without my knowledge?  How had it affected my marriage?  My children?  My ability to forgive and to be forgiven myself?

After making it up the ledge, I placed the rock on the altar we had made and sat down and prayed to the father.  I sincerely forgave them in my heart and asked for the Lord to bless their lives whatever direction he had taken them.  It had been over 14 years since I suffered this wound and well over 10 years since I had saw or heard anything about either person who wounded me.  While I had no clue what state they were in, or what direction their life had gone in, I asked the Father to heal my heart, to heal my brokenness, and that allowed me to forgive them.

I hadn’t thought again about this until last night (three weeks to the day since my healing).  I was at a great mens revival where one of the speakers talked about initiating healing.  All of a sudden BAM, this came back to me.  Every time in the past when I had thought of this wounding, I still felt some of the pain from it.  This time, however, there was no pain.  No wound.  I had forgiven them and really KNEW what forgiveness was.  I was changed.

What can be said about such a raw beautiful place, and such an amazing adventure?  What can be said about learning that God the Father wants to be your dad and fill the voids that your Earthly father left?  What can be said for spending a week, unplugged from the world, where no cell phones ring and your family now consists of the Godly men you’ve surrounded yourself with?  What can be said for testing yourself in a physical way, that will prepare and teach you Godly ways to handle the challenges and spiritual warfare you’re certain to encounter?  My answer is, it will change you!   Are you ready?

We are also planning a shorter trip (Fri noon to Sunday noon) on the Manistee River Trail for 2011.

Stay in touch with Go the Distance for more information.  For more visual reference, click on the video below.

Journey for Life,


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