Are You Living from Your Heart?

Are you living from your authentic shot?   Are you living out of your true self?  In other words, are you living from your heart?

Do you live “in the field”?

Watch Video Legend of Bagger Vance “See the Field.”

Sometimes I feel like Bagger Vance when he says,

“I can’t take you there…’Just hopes I can help you find a way.”

I’ve tasted of it and live in it most of the time, but each man has to find it (his heart) for himself.  I love to lead men.  But I can only bring guys to the door, they have to take the step through it.

We need three things for this journey of Life and for Life:

  • Eyes to See
  • Ears to Hear
  • And a Heart that is Engaged

Live mythically today brothers.  Live spiritually.  Live from your heart.  The Heart is where the action is.  It is where the Life is.  And all our Love.

If your heart is lost or you are wandering in the desert, we have to help you get your heart back.

Get it back.   Let’s go get it! Take a risk, step out and walk with God into the unknown.   Face some fears of the unknown with Jesus.   One idea is to plan on coming to Hearts Alive & Free this fall.

If you don’t know how to get it back, that’s ok, just let Jesus know.  He will come with the life and the love that is looking for you.

See the field. Live the field!  Live in the Kingdom of God today.


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