Isle Royale Reflections, Part 2

Go the Distance Ministries is sponsoring another trip to Isle Royale this year, July 26 through August 1.  When we arrive on the island on Tuesday, July 27, we will turn in our back country itinerary, get guidance from one of the National Park Rangers on what to expect during our stay, gear up, and then head out.
From Rock Harbor, we will take the Tobin Harbor trail up and over the Green Ridge trail and then down to Lane Cove for our first night.  This is an excellent trail to start out on, and gets us away from the traffic that generally heads down to Three Mile and Daisy Farm.  The switch backs on the back side of the trail going down to Lane Cove will take some negotiation and care as we’ll also get wonderful views of Lake Superior out in the distance (which might be more than a little distracting!).

The first night of our expedition will be by the fresh water of Lake Superior, and the sound of loons in the distance as night falls.  Perhaps we will also hear the distant call of a wolf.

After dinner is wrapped up, we will take some time to discuss the “Beloved Son” stage of the Masculine Journey as outlined in John Eldredge’s book, Fathered by God. The next day we will make our longest journey of the trip–approximately 13 miles to McCargoe Cove.  We will need to make sure we take enough water as our journey will not take us by any other places to get fresh water until we make camp.  This will be the “Cowboy & Warrior” stages combined.  A great physical test.

Day 3 will take us back up and over the Green Ridge Trail down to Lake Richie.  Lake Richie is an inland lake and most people hike right past it in lieu of making it to Moskey Basin.  Lake Richie is where we saw a wolf on the morning of Day 4 as we were ready to head out.  It was an absolutely stunning place to camp, except for the mosquitoes that came as the sun was setting.  Day 3 is when we discuss Man as “Lover” in the the masculine journey.

There are still some open spots for this year’s expedition.  If you’d like to come, visit

Click on “Events.”

More to follow next week, but here is another testimony from a man who went with us last year, and is still being impacted by this expedition…

Honor Your Wild!   –Kevin

From Derrick of Grand Rapids, MI:

I am a guy with at least my share of work responsibility and constant outside stimulation, such as two work email accounts and three voice mails to keep up with, along with many people and situations to deal with daily.  The idea of being away for a week in the wilderness seemed awesome and daunting to me all at the same time.  Awesome since I love all things out of doors.  Daunting in the sense that leaving all the work tethers for such a long period was a considerable challenge.  I was concerned about the title wave of work I could possibly come home to.  Anyway, after going through the several business and internal challanges that tried to sideswipe the trip, while at the same time I had to refuse to listen to that constant little voice trying to convince me that I did not have time for such a self centered endeavor, I WENT!

What I found on Isle Royale was more than a break from the daily grind or an excuse to chill out with guys.  What I found was that while in fellowship with other Christ seeking men, I had an opportunity to learn things about God and myself.  I had the opportunity to start to unpack God’s love for me and His plan for my life.  When you are in such an awesome place you can not help but hear from Him.  I was physically and spiritually challanged each day, while the sense of adventure and wonderful sights and sounds of the wild isle does a pretty good job of distracting you from the otherwise physical pain and lack of comforts we normally take for granted.  You are in His raw creation at its best and you realize you are only a humble part of the bigger picture.  No phone, no car, no prepared food and little water, with fifty pounds (or more……I would suggest less) on your back, you are forced to slow down, rely on others and trust God.  I came to realize this is His plan for us all the time.

Whether you are interested in fellowship with other believers, camping in the wild, seeing the island in all its glory or you really have no idea why you are drawn to it, GO ANYWAY….God will meet you there!

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