Isle Royale Reflections Part 1

Last year started what we hope to be a regular expedition to Isle Royale.  Isle Royale is an island in Lake Superior that is 15 miles by 50 miles.   As a younger man, I had long heard its haunting call.  But one thing led to another and I never made the trek.  Finally, now a man in my 40’s with significantly more responsibility now than when I was 18, I have been able to experience it.  I started a ministry called Go the Distance back in 2006 to help men find Life and the true fathering heart of God.  Isle Royale is truly a place of beauty and adventure, and awakens things in a man that he does not find back home in the 8 to 5 or 7 to 5 or whatever the clock has a man locked into.

We will once again journey to Isle Royale this year, July 26-Aug 1 with six men.  More information can be found on the events tab of this blog.  It will be a trip to discover new things about who you are, a man made in the image of an awesome and powerful God.  It will be a trip that you will remember for a lifetime as God meets you on the trail, as an individual, and in a band of brothers.  We will be using the six stages of the masculine journey as outlined in John Eldredge’s book Fathered by God as the context for our trip.

Below, please read a testimony from a man who went last year.  I asked him to provide something to me just a few weeks ago.  Clearly, the trip is still sticking with him.  Have any of you been to Isle Royale?  What was your experience like?  What did it do for your heart?   Did God meet you on the trail and did he say anything?

Journey on,


From Ron K.  (Grand Rapids, MI)

Isle Royale took me by surprise in so many ways. Is this really Michigan???  I thought I came to conquer the island and it ended up conquering me. I was captured by the stunning views that seemed to be everywhere you look. So much beauty that it was hard to take in. But most of all I was captured by the Father, his beauty, his love for me, his desire to pursue me and his words that spoke life to me on the trail. The 4 day journey was a portrait of life. Finding deep community with other men in a shared adventure. Sharing from the heart with those who were experiencing all the trail brought to us.  Walking on a journey that was an adventure into the unknown and uncertain. Finding God in the uncertainty, in the adventure, and hearing his invitation to walk with him. The anticipation of what he had for us around the next bend or at the top of the next summit.  Embracing the moments of shear beauty and allowing God to speak through them. About who he is and what he has for me. The trail brought me to the end of my self and made room for the Father to come for me. Four days in his world that is nothing like the world I have structured for my self. This world is unpredictable, wild, dangerous and full of life. I was not in control here. I had to depend on my brothers and most of all on Him.

So many questions of the journey were applied to the life I live. Who will you walk with? Who will you follow. Will you embrace the adventure or fear it? Will you live from your heart or live out of control, playing it safe by seeking all of the comforts that make you feel secure. What do you want to carry in that backpack of life? Are there things that I am carrying that I don’t need to carry, things that are too much for me to carry? How much in my pack is there because I need it, how much is in there just to insure a little comfort for myself.

I could say so much more. I am still unpacking all that God spoke to me on that trail. He invited us there and he met us there!!!

He is a God of the journey. He showed me that it is not about the next destination, it is about what he wants to show me on the journey.

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